About the Bee-Tique



The Bumble Bee-tique

After receiving a swarm of messages requesting Bumble merchandise, we realized something at the Bumble HQ — our users are feeling the buzz. We also realized that you King and Queen Bees have an eye for quality. With this in mind, we teamed up with local artisans and designers in some of Bumble’s top cities to create Bumble-themed products perfect for gifts for all of the Bumble fans in your life.

Feel Good About Your Purchase

We want to be able to provide Bumblers with bee-autiful products. As we began creating Bumble merchandise we realized that we have an incredible opportunity to give back. With this in mind, we’re giving all profits made from the store’s sales to Whole Planet Foundation. Whole Planet Foundation is Whole Foods' Non-Profit which works to alleviate poverty and empower female entrepreneurs around the world. Through our partnership with them, your purchase can help provide microloans to women working for the opportunity to make a difference in their community. These small loans provide entrepreneurs access to credit to create or expand home-based businesses that generate income for their families. Funds are repaid and re-loaned again and again, amplifying each donation’s reach.